access automation

Red Stag gates and fences offer only the best in gate automation. We specialise in BFT and CASIT brands which are considered the premium of automation and access control systems all around the world.

We refer you to only the best qualified Registered Electricians for you to deal directly to complete commissioning of our projects.

We are your one stop shop for automation, from concept stage through to installation.

We have a package to suit all budgets : from a simple motor + 2 remotes package to video intercoms and self-opening vehicle probes and exit loops.
We can also link your gate opener to your garage door automation on a single remote for even easier access.

which automation package is right for you ?

All the below packages include the motor to suit your gate type and weight.

2 Remotes Safety Beam Keypad Audio Intercom Video Intercom
Package 1 x x
Package 2 x x x
Package 3 x x x x
Package 4 x x x
Why should I choose this? Perfect for a 2 car household Safety First
The beam will prevent the gate from closing on someone or a vehicle
Easy Access
Using a PIN number, regular visitors can let themselves in easily
"I Can Hear You"
Talk to your visitors and unlock the gate from the comfort of your house
"I Can See You"
See and talk to your visitors and unlock the gate from the comfort of your house

optional extras to consider

GSM System 2nd Keypad Push to exit button Vehicle exit sensor
Why should I choose this ? "Access from anywhere"
Open your gate directly from your phone, wherever you are
"Easy in, easy out"
Double your security by having a pin exit as well as an entry one
Manual exit
Simply push the button to open the gate from inside your property
Peace of mind
Your visitors can let themselves out thanks to the sensor automatically opening the gate for exit

Gate motors

Swing gates


  • 24v motor
  • electromechanical pistons
  • gate leaves up to 4 metres wide
  • max weight up to 500 kg
  • residential use


  • 24v motor
  • electromechanical with articulated arms
  • gate leaves of up to 2 metres
  • max weight 200 kg
  • residential use.


  • 24 V motor
  • articulated arms
  • gate leaf of 2.5 meters
  • max weight 250kg
  • residential use.
Sliding gates


  • BFT
  • 24V motor
  • sliding gates up to 600 kg
  • max. speed 16 meters per minute
  • residential use




  • Up to 500 users
  • 3 selectable security modes
  • blue back light
  • anti-vandal water-resistant casting